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Replacement Parts

  • Rustproofing Spray Gun WAX

    Rustproofing Spray Gun WAX

    Professional Rustproofing gun designed to apply protective coatings inside doors, beams, rocker panels and other cavities. This gun allows for pressure to build up inside the tank. This pressure will assure that the coating will be atomized at the tip of...

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  • Heavy Duty Undercoating Spray Gun  RA/M

    Heavy Duty Undercoating Spray Gun RA/M

    Designed with comfort and ease in mind, this heavy duty undercoating gun is equipped with an ergonomic solvent resistant handle and wide easy grip trigger.   The large intake tube (9.5 mm) and wide mouth fill tank makes the RA/M an excellent choice...

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  • Undercoating Gun RA/1T

    Undercoating Gun RA/1T

    With the most adjustable nozzle in the industry, this undercoating gun was designed to spray undercoating and rustproofing to vehicles. Screw the nozzle inwards to restrict the product flow allowing only a fine mist to be sprayed. Adjusting the nozzle...

  • RA Gun Spray Wand

    RA Gun Spray Wand

    This wand kit includes one undercoating wand and one rust proofing wand for model RA1T undercoating spray gun. Undercoating Wand For application of undercoating in hard to reach places, i.e., behind mufflers and around exhaust pipes...

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