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Foam Guns

  • PMT

    Polyurethane Foam Dispensing Gun

    This gun allows for precise adjustment of the flow of foam for cleaner applications and less waste. Ergonomic, light weight design reduces user's fatigue. Hermetically sealed limits the cleaning frequency. Barrel length is 6 inch but can be extended with...

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  • Spray Foam Gun Pack of 20


    Spray Foam Gun Pack of 20

    Spray foam gun with universal basket, designed to spray polyurethane foam from professional aerosol cans.  Barrel length: 7" Total gun length: 12 ½" Weight: 9oz Nickel plated body Easy to clean, reusable Stainless steel...

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  • Ultra Foam Gun - Polyurethane Foam Gun

    Ultra Foam Gun - Polyurethane Foam Gun

    Spray gun designed for the application of single component polyurethane foam, packaged in pressurized cans. Our most technologically advanced gun for heavy-duty use. Designed in cooperation with major polyurethane foam manufacturers, our Ultra Foam Gun...

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