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Adhesive Tapes

  • Duo Grip Fastening Tape


    Duo Grip Fastening Tape

     Duo Grip Self Adhesive Fastening Tape with re-securable click-fastening action holds loads up to 5 times heavier than traditional "hook and loop" Velcro style connections. Duo Grip is a very strong self-adhesive fastening tape suitable for light...

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  • Fleece Wire Harness Fuzzy Tape

    Fleece Wire Harness Fuzzy Tape

    A soft, textile, protective tape especially developed for the manual production of wire harnesses in passenger compartments, headliners, door and trunks of automobiles. Fleece Wire Harness Fuzzy Tape is resistant to ageing, abrasion resistant and noise...

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  • Hook and Loop Backgrip Bundling Tape

    Hook and Loop Backgrip Bundling Tape

    Backgrip bundling tape features a non-adhesive, micro-structured surface which grips itself when overlapped, creating a reusable fastening. This self-locking tape provides excellent shear strength while remaining easy to peel open and close, up to 1,000...

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  • Parking Sensor Protectors

    Parking Sensor Protectors

    The Parking Sensor Protector is the only professional way to get this job done in the most effective and efficient manner. Very fast application Fits most modern parking sensors Sand and paint over sensors Very fast removal Prevent sensor...

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  • Perfection Masking Tape

    Perfection Masking Tape

    Made from high quality Japanese rice paper, Perfection Masking Tape is stronger than crepe tape and 30% thinner than vinyl fine line tape.  It can easily be re-positioned, provides clean sharp edges and can be used with solvent and water based paint...

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  • HPX

    Side Moulding Tape

    Side Moulding Tape is a double sided foam tape with very high adhesive strength designed for attaching side moulding, trim and signs. It offers very good adhesion to clear coating, plastics, metal and glass. Advantages: Solvent Resistant Weather...

    MSRP: $20.00
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  • FOL 13 FOL17

    Soft Edge Foam Masking Tape

    Masks and Seals Door Jambs Avoids Hard Paint Lines Improves Productivity Easy to apply, flexible and can be re-positioned easily Low bake safe. Foam masking tape protects door jambs, car hoods, trunk lids, any area of a vehicle that needs...

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